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FAQ's from Investors on Vertalo's platform

How does Vertalo help secure ownership of my assets?

Vertalo uses blockchain technology to create encrypted, immutable records of your ownership. This process is widely believed to be superior to spreadsheets, which can become altered or corrupted. Also, human transcription errors occur in spreadsheets and transaction histories may be lost. Vertalo strives to improve the ownership recording process by creating redundant storage of ownership records that, through blockchain technology, are considered extremely difficult to tamper with.

Does Vertalo work with my traditional and digital assets?

Yes, Vertalo is happy to work with clients who have traditional or digital assets or both.

Will Vertalo require the tokenization of my assets to use its platform?

No. Vertalo does not require its issuers and clients to tokenize their assets.

Does Vertalo require me to establish a digital wallet?

No. Vertalo does not require clients to establish a digital wallet (such as MetaMask, trust wallet or MyEtherwallet). Vertalo does provide each client with a free keyless wallet that is accessed over the web using your email address and a password.

If I have an existing digital wallet, can I use it with Vertalo?

Yes. Vertalo enables investors to store their assets in their own compatible wallets. Investors will need to prove ownership of the digital wallet to satisfy KYC/AML requirements, which includes confirming micro deposit amounts, after which the wallet is automatically added to Vertalo’s platform within the Investor’s portfolio.

Does Vertalo offer a web portal for me to see my assets?

Yes. Vertalo offers a free digital wallet that is accessed 24/7 through a web portal using your email address and a password.

Does Vertalo store personal data on the blockchain?

No. Vertalo does not store personal data on the blockchain.

Does Vertalo help me trade my assets?

Yes. Vertalo is integrated with Openfinance Network (OFN), a FINRA registered broker-dealer that enables trading of digital assets such as tokens. Trading and restrictions will be subject to an agreement between the Issuer and ATS.

Does Vertalo charge me any fees?

No. Vertalo does not charge Investors any fees. Vertalo’s fees are paid by Issuers and Broker-Dealers.

Does Vertalo use blockchain and how does that help me?

Yes. Vertalo uses blockchain. Currently, Vertalo uses the Tezos and Etheruem blockchains for our business. Both blockchains provide encrypted, immutable and redundant recordkeeping to help protect the integrity of an Issuer’s and Investors ownership records and cap tables.

Is Vertalo an SEC-registered transfer agent?

Yes. Vertalo is registered with the SEC as a transfer agent.

Where is Vertalo located?

Vertalo is headquartered in Austin, TX, with offices in New York and Seoul.

Who do I speak to if there is a concern with my account on Vertalo?

First, please contact the Issuer, who is always responsible for the relationship with their Investors.The Issuer will be able to address your specific concern.

Why do Issuers, Broker-Dealers and RIAs like to work with Vertalo?

Vertalo ‘s vision is to provide the critical services and integrate with key partners in the Security Token Ecosystem as to create a seamless and easy process for:

  • Issuing securities in tokenized and traditional form,
  • Tracking ownership and maintaining cap tables in an immutable and encrypted database,
  • Satisfying KYC, AML and accreditation requirements,
  • Trading private securities,
  • Storing Investor offering documents, and
  • Enhancing investor communication.

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