Frequently Asked Questions

What does Vertalo do?

Vertalo is an SEC Registered Transfer Agent that provides investor onboarding and blockchain-based cap table management for private placements and other similar assets. Put another way, we provide a blockchain-based SaaS solution connecting an investor’s real-world ID to blockchain ID, placing both investor eligibility status, and asset ownership records, on chain. This enables Issuers to compliantly issue and manage securities regardless of whether or not it is a digital asset. This unique, portable connection between real-world and blockchain personas enables the creation of an immutable double-entry cap table, stored on chain, for any private security or asset. We then link the cap table, and investor eligibility, to ATS’s (alternative trading systems) to enable true secondary liquidity for all private assets.

Who are Vertalo's customers?

Vertalo focuses on providing technology solutions to private issuers, enabling them to better serve their investors. Additionally, we provide services for Broker-dealers, Custodians, Accounting/Auditing firms, Venture-funded companies and SMBs looking to free up capital, and any company interested in placing a record of ownership on blockchain for any private security or asset.

Who does Vertalo partner with?

Vertalo partners with members of the security token ecosystem, including broker-dealers, capital advisors, RIA’s, KYC/AML vendors, custodians, accreditation vendors, issuance platforms, and ATS’s. Please see our Work with Vertalo page for the latest info.

Does Vertalo work with partners they haven’t integrated with?

Yes. For an additional integration fee, Vertalo can support any partner our clients wish to work with.

What is Vertalo’s business model?

Vertalo is a B2B Saas solution offering a subscription to manage the cap tables for both digital and analog (traditional) assets. You can request a demo here or reach out to for more details.

Does Vertalo handle analog (non-tokenized) securities?

Yes. Vertalo can handle both analog and digital securities side-by-side in its cap table and asset management system. There is no requirement for an issuer’s securities to be all digital or all analog.

Do I need Vertalo if I’m not currently planning to tokenize a security?

Yes. If you are managing a list of owners for any private securities or assets, tokenized or not, you need Vertalo. Our cap table solution is designed for all private assets, and future-proofs the management of both assets and investors. While you may not plan to tokenize now, that could change as tokenization becomes commonplace. By working with Vertalo, you have immutable, encrypted and redundant backup of your cap table with the capacity tokenize at any time.

Is Vertalo a Broker-Dealer?

No. Vertalo works with Broker-Dealers to provide them the tools they need to succeed in the digital security space.

Is Vertalo a custodian?

No. Vertalo does enable the self-custody of private assets via investor-owned keyless wallets. This means that for each investor on your cap table, Vertalo automatically creates a wallet that does not have private keys. This helps to eliminate the friction inherent in private key management, and instead gives investors the familiar experience of logging into a web portal with a registered email address and password. Alternatively, Vertalo partners with custodians such as Prime Trust or Coinbase Custody should it be a requirement.

Is Vertalo a Transfer Agent?

Yes. Vertalo obtained a letter of effectiveness from the US SEC on November 20, 2019. SEC File No: 084-06663.

Have more questions? Visit our Issuer FAQ, Broker-Dealer FAQ, or Investor FAQ pages.

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